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Welcome to my new bass fishing tips page! (5/9/16) I have been getting a few bass fishing tip questions out on social media and will be looking through them to post on this bass fishing tips page for all to read. Check back soon for new bass fishing tips...

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Fan Q: I've been using the drop shot recently with the worm Texas rigged but have been losing a decent amount of fish. Any tips?

A: Need to make sure your hook is facing up all the times & that you are using the proper hook. You might want to try fishing a straight shank hook & Webo Worm from Gambler Lures.

Fan: My hook has been up but it might be the hook size that's my problem but I'll definitely look into Gambler. Thanks!



Fan Q: Hey I have a question. How did you get started in professional fishing and how did you get your sponsors?

A: I started my fishing professional bass fishing career as a Co-Angler with FLW. I started picking up sponsorships soon after. My website built by Pro Sites Unlimited also helps me attract sponsors. All my social media outlets are listed at the top of every page for easy access and new sponsorship considerations.



FAN Q: How do you make your way into the FLW?

A: Start out as Co - Angler on BFL  (Bass Fishing League) level and work your way up through Costa FLW Series, then to the FLW TOUR level. High School and college level options are also available.



FAN Q: Looking for your opinion. I'm looking to buy a boat in the next year or 2. Budget around 45. First time boat buyer but no stranger to fishing or boats.

Should I go with a lower model and add all my features or go with a higher model and add on when I can, either way I'm getting a good boat what not sure if its worth paying all that for a higher end and not getting all the options I want in my budget. I'm looking at the Nitro Z Series, great price and I can custom build for a great price. Just asking a pro what he thinks. Custom build or add on when buying is the issue I'm running across.

A: Buy the best boat and add the options later. You can always upgrade electronics and power poles at a later date. This will also help keep your monthly payments down over the life of the loan.


Awesome thanks for the feedback! That helps.



FAN Q: On your Lowrance, how fast do you have it set for? Fast as it can show bottom or half way?

A: Most of the time I'm fishing in less than 60 feet of water. Because of that I choose the "shallow water" setting under fishing mode on my HDS-8 & HDS-10 units. Default setting on this feauture is 75% ping speed. 




What is the best way to store rubber baits? Both during and from season to season?


Keep them in the bag they came in and store them in totes.



FAN Q: Hey Melvin. Do you still fish with xyx fishing products?

Answer: Yes 

FAN: Great, I am a Weekend Tournament Angler and I currently use abc fishing products. I have considered looking into the xyz brand instead. What can you tell me about the xyz brand. I don't really want a sales pitch to please a sponsor, but an actual go through of why I should make the switch?

Answer: #1 Reason why you should make the switch? Because you already have at least 1 foot out the door on staying with your current sponsor. Which ultimately will mean you will be less likely to promote that brand or products to the fullest over time.

#2 Having said that, I would be very cautious in switching sponsors because you may rank higher on the new companies list and gain greater sponsorship perks, but you might also rank lower on the new companies list and set yourself back a bit. Worst yet, you may commit to making the switch and the new company maybe already set for sponsorships. Leaving you out of a sponsorship in the desired category all together.
#3 Conclusion, as long as you stay on the weekend tournament scene any sponsorship gains made by switching sponsors in a given fishing category will most likely be minimal. 

FAN Q: Hey Melvin, was just wondering if you had any tips for me. I'm going to get into bass tournaments this summer pretty heavy, and I'm trying to get sponsorships. Tips for a guy just starting out?
Answer: What trails do you plan on fishing?
FAN: I'm not really sure. I'm from Michigan, so I'm trying to find something in state to get my road wet, and then get into something bigger.
Answer: Try for local sponsors from Michigan and go for tournaments with 50 - 100 boats or more.
FAN: Alright, thanks!

FAN Q: Melvin I'm sure your asked this often. What steps do I need to take to be able to fish on a larger circuit. I'm a retired football coach ( not retired from working however) but miss competing on a high level. I do appreciate any information. Thank you in advance.
Answer: Give FLW (BFL) level a look. Boater entry fees are $230 per one-day tournament and Co-angler entry fees are $115 per one-day tournament. Find a lake near you >

FAN: Thank you, I greatly appreciate the info. Been looking for a back of boat partner for 2 seasons.

Answer: FLW hooks you up with a partner for each tournament.

FAN: I'm trying to fish as many tournaments this year as possible. Again, I do appreciate your help and information. If I can ever be of help, let me know. Awesome!



FAN Q: Hey Mel, I'm looking for a thread fin shad hard or soft swim bait for clear water, you have some suggestions from Lake Mead.

Answer: Give the BRAND NEW Bill Lewis StutterStep 4.0 3-D Printed baits a try!




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