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8 New Rat-L-Trap Lipless Crankbait Colors For 2016

Posted by melvin on January 20, 2016

8-new-rat-l-trap-lipless-crankbait-colors-for-2016.png 8 New Rat-L-Trap Lipless Crankbait Colors For 2016.


8 New Rat-L-Trap Lipless Crankbait Colors For 2016:


8 New Rat-L-Trap Lipless Crankbait Colors For 2016: Bayou Blue Craw

Here is a quick look at 8 New Rat-L-Trap Lipless Crankbait Colors For 2016! Leading off you will find Tilapia and Yellow Perch. Both new colors listed below are available in the 1/2 Oz. size from Rat-L-Trap.


Tilapia - RT285, 1/2 Oz.




Yellow Perch - RT284, 1/2 Oz.




For all you shad pattern lovers out there, next you will find that Gizzard Shad and Blueback Herring have been added to the Rat-L-Trap line up in 2016. You will be happy to know both colors are available in two sizes, 1/2 Oz and 3/4 Oz respectively.


Gizzard Shad - RT287, 1/2 Oz. & MG287, 3/4 Oz.



 BlueBack Herring - RT286, 1/2 Oz. & MG286, 3/4 Oz.




If your favorite fishing lake is chuck full of trout, these next two colors will be just what the doctor ordered. Cover lot's of water fast and easy with the 1/2 Oz. Rainbow Trout and 1/2 Oz. Brown Trout, both are new for the 2016 fishing season.


Rainbow Trout - RT282, 1/2 Oz.




Brown Trout - RT283, 1/2 Oz.




Last but not least, crawdad fans rejoice. These next two offerings will be sure to make their way onto your favorite fishing rod and most likely see a fair amount of time swimming in your local lakes or rivers. Tracking down the big one!


Bayou Blue Craw - RT289, 1/2 Oz.




Cherry Craw - RT288, 1/2 Oz. & MG288, 3/4 Oz.




Please mention my name, Melvin Smitson while ordering your new Rat-L-Trap's over the phone or online this season. 




Tight Lines & Heavy Limits,

Melvin Smitson - 2016 Rat-L-Trap Pro Staff Member