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Motor Guide Trolling Motors For Sale

Posted by melvin on August 30, 2014

premiermarine.png Motor Guide Trolling Motors For Sale! Buying a new trolling motor for your boat? Give Motor Guide a try, click thru to see why I recommend Motor Guide trolling motors? Find out what the price of your new Motor Guide trolling motor is at Premier Marine? Motor Guide Trolling Motors For Sale >


Motor Guide Trolling Motors For Sale:

Thank you for stopping by my Motor Guide trolling motors for sale page!
If your in the market for a new Motor Guide trolling motor for your boat. Please visit my sponsor Premier Marine at www.premiermarinemd.com or call them at 410-335-0000 to find new Motor Guide trolling motor for sale. Be sure to mention "Smitson" while checking out your new Motor Guide prices at Premier Marine.
I use a Motor Guide trolling motor on my bass fishing boat and would highly recommend that you buy a Motor Guide trolling motor for your boat as well.
What I like about my 109 lb thrust Motor Guide trolling motor is that it is great in the thickest grass and never stops. Used with the Machete prop, my Motor Guide trolling motor is unstoppable. Also I can run it on high all day long, against the strongest tide and still have plenty of battery left at the end of the day. My trolling motor has been super reliable under tough conditions. Without a doubt, my next trolling motor will definitely be a Motor Guide!  
Thank you in advance for shopping Motor Guide trolling motors with my sponsor Premier Marine.
Tight Lines & Heavy Limits,
Melvin Smitson