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Overstock Fishing Tackle For Sale Online

Posted by melvin on March 2, 2013


Overstock fishing tackle available for sale through my sponsors websites. Check to see what overstock fishing tackle is on sale...


Story From: www.melvinsmitson.com

Date: 03/02/13

Welcome to my new overstock fishing tackle page!

You will find overstock fishing tackle on sale from my sponsors as it becomes available for sale. Check back often as overstock offerings will change from time to time. Please mention "smitson" at checkout.

That's enough small talk for now, if your reading this page your looking to save money on overstock fishing tackle. Let's get to it shall we...


Overstock Fishing Tackle On Sale: Crankbaits



Overstock crankbait color, Magma. Dives 6' and comes equipped with Mustad Ultra-point #6 hooks.


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Circuit breaker crankbait overstock color, splatter bass. Features circuit board bill and balsa wood construction.


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Overstock crankbait color, Blue pearl. Features hand painted paint job and hand tuned performance.


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Circuit breaker overstock sale color, Rootbeer. Buy this nice looking balsa wood crankbait and save.


Save On Rootbeer Circuit Breaker Crankbait


Overstock sale color, Dirty Crawdad. If bright & bold colored crankbaits are not your style. Give this dirty crawdad color a try.


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Overstock fishing tackle sale color, Shad. It's hard to beat a shad colored crankbait. Give it an overstock sale price and enough said.


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Overstock fishing tackle sale color, Glimmer Lime. The name will make you pucker but the overstock sale price won't. Give this Glimmer Lime color a try in clearwater situations.


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Overstock fishing tackle sale color, Chartreuse Crawdad. Good looking balsa wood crankbait, try it in muddy water conditions. 


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Buckeye Lures Mop Jig Overstock Color, Black Chart. Available in 3/8 oz and 5/8 oz. Overstock sale price 2.25 each while supplies last.

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Thank you for buying overstock fishing tackle from my sponsors!

Hope to see you on the water,

Melvin Smitson