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Where To Find PAID Fishing Sponsorships?

Posted by melvin on April 10, 2017

where-to-find-paid-fishing-sponsorships.jpg Where To Find Paid Fishing Sponsorships? In this fishing blog post it's not how to get a paid fishing sponsorship? But where to look for a paid fishing sponsorship? Where To Find Paid Fishing Sponsorships >


Where To Find PAID Fishing Sponsorships:

If you are reading this blog post then you probably already know that it's not easy finding PAID fishing sponsorships.

Like most anglers you probably have tried getting a PAID sponsorship from your favorite fishing company without much luck.

Why? Because you were competing with 1000's, 10's of thousands or 100's of thousands of other anglers looking for the same cash from that company!

That quickly brings you to ask me where should you be looking to get a PAID fishing sponsorship then?

My answer:

Try a non fishing related local business that you frequent on the regular basis.

Why? Because in most cases you won't be competing for sponsorship dollars from any other anglers but yourself!

I have given this advice to many anglers over the years and the few anglers that have actually tried it have come back very quickly and said that it worked for them.

Tight Lines & Heavy Limits,

Melvin Smitson

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